our new container garden

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This year we decided to create a container gardern...
Years ago we had a rather large garden full of veggies and some fruits....then the family grew and time was limited for gardening :(
and the deer found out where we lived :)

So we thought a container garden on the deck might just be the best way to have a garden again (this time mostly herbs)

Here are a couple pics .... we mixed a few marigolds and a geranium in with the tomato and strawberry plants, and then there is roemary, mint, parsely, oregano and basil....the lavender is now in the garden, and the lettuce is in a separate container...
here are a couple pics....




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Nice Susan love your petunia's.You have a nice container garden going on there.And Welcome to GF glad to have a new friend.:)


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Great looking stuff Susan. The great thing about container gardening is that as the season ends you can prolong it by taking the containers inside. Just keep them in a southern exposure window and make sure to mist as well as water them. Indoor conditions really dry them out;)


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Container Gardens needs more water

I like to container garden to bnut ive found out ,u hqave to wter more, in the hot days but i still do it to,last year i foudn and old bath tub and grow mator and lettuce and pepper sin it but i had to just about watr it everyday when it was so hot,but your plants i love3 ,very nice pink petunia.i love herb gardens to my hunny justy plaqnted a rosemary in the garden and it smells so good.


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For many who are challenged with space and lifestyle,container gardening for flowers, shrubs, vegetables and herbs provides the perfect platform to get the creative juices flowing.I have seen many of you post about growing plants in containers, so I hope to try the same.

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If you don’t have a good garden spot in your yard, why not grow some vegetables and herbs using container gardeningThe most personal way to forge a connection with delicious food crops — from arugula to tomatoes — is to grow them up close in containers. Special methods are needed to produce high-quality food crops in containers, because most vegetables and herbs grow best when planted in the ground. Stable soil temperatures and constant access to water, nutrients and microscopic soil allies give in-ground crops a clear advantage.

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