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Round Robin Rules

This will be a Round Robin for all the seeds you just can't use or just want to share!

Please make sure all seeds are clearly marked, no older than 08 please, and packaged so they don't leak out. Please mark them by name (datura - white or blk eye susan, etc.) & your name and year they were collected.

Seeds can be from your garden, commercial, or previous trades as long as they are viable.

Please PM me with your name and address. The deadline to join will be June 20th.

When we get started I will PM the next person in line and let them know where to send the package once they receive it. When you receive the Robin PLEASE take what you want but replace with the same number packets of seeds from your collection. You can always add extras!! :) Let's try to keep the package moving so 2 days to decide on what ya wanna keep. Then on to the next lucky participant. Once you receive the package you must post on here that you got it and when you send it on please post that you have sent the Robin flying again. I think that covers everything.

If you have any questions please post them here.
Thank you & let's set this Robin free!!!!

Joining us so far is:

Kya D
Sandi B
Mare 460
and myself

WHOO HOO!! Come on everybody let's have some fun!

Dawn & Treva -- I have your addresses.
Mare & Sandi please send me yours.
That makes 6!!! Thanks for joining us Gloria. Come on everybody these are sooo much fun. When that package flies to your part of the country -- it is sooo much fun to go through it and pick and choose your favorites. I have soo many wonderful things in my gardens because of the Robin. Who's next?? Take care all
Hi, Kinnika - I am checking on your question. I really don't know if there are issues with mailing stuff between US and Canada. Does anyone know the answer to this? Thanks and take care, Becki
I've said this before with other exchanges but we, the mods, feel that we need to stipulate this again. With exchanges of any type, Gardenforums is not responsible in any way for any problems associated with RRs, and/or any seed, plant or gift exchanges between members.
With that being said...come on people..join us and lets get this Robin flying!
Thanks Gloria I understand completely
Since I have never been in a round robin I will need instructions and rules.
Okay everybody, we have 8 bird lovers now. Yippee!!! We are still looking to find out about our Canadian friend -- 'have fingers crossed'

I was thinking that maybe we should -- not ruin the total surprise BUT...

I'm sure everybody has a wish list of some sort. Of course we can't guarantee that your wish seeds will be in the envie but... if we knew what some wishes were we could put some of those in there...maybe... LOL

The Robin will fly out of the Midwest 1st. He is actually hanging out in my birdcastle right now. He needs all the rest he can get before he goes on his long journey. Hee Hee

Take care all, Becki
okay, I got the word on Canada trading. With customs and the outrageous expense of shipping we have to say that the robin can't go across the border. I'm sooo sorry to all of our Canadian friends. Maybe you guys can do a Canadian Robin? Take care all, Becki
There is no problem sending seeds to and from Canada. I have done it many times. We just can't anything that has dirt on it.
Just read your reply. Thanks anyway.
The more the merrier!! Well, if you have sent seeds back and forth before then I don't see why you can't join. Please join us! I have never traded to or from Canada so I wasn't sure about the procedure. Please PM me your address and we will add you to the list. That makes 9!!! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to