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Am always looking for new seeds and will exchange pack for pack, All of my seeds were harvested this summer from my gardens. seed packs average 25-30 seeds. I have:
angelica archangel
ragged robin
white foxglove
dianthus deep purple
jacobs ladder
columbine songbird and ruby port
rose campion
centaurea montana
verbascum shades of summer
depford pinks
perennial heliotrope valerian
silene catchfly
clary sage
tiarella foamflower
Laurens grape poppy
prarie coneflower
kiss me over the garden gate
white balloon flower
lobelia cardinalis and syphlitica
I am most interested in perennials hardy to zone 5 and unusual annuals.
I would love some grape poppy seed. All I have to exchange are black or fushia
hollyhock seeds, both hollyhocks are single.

Hi Annette,
Please look at my seeds for trade HERE

I am most interested in your
dianthus deep purple
columbine ruby port
tiarella foamflower
lobelia cardinalis
Annette your seeds went out this morning PLMK when they arrive.
Thanks for the trade
I would like verbascum, columbine and foxglove. I have fresh vine seeds--Moonflower Vine (3 different kinds-one small lavender flower, one larger lavender flower and one large white flower), Cardinal Vine and red cypress vine. Will have MG--seeds ripening. LMK!! Thanks Bonnie
To all of you who have responded, I am harvesting many more varieties of seed and have private messaged those who have responded. Anyone who gave me their address your seeds were shipped out on Monday. Thanks.
Hello Annette99,
I see that you have white balloon flower. I was wondering how do you collect your seeds from them? I have a blueish purple one and would love to know how to get the seeds so I can have more an some to trade. Can you help?
Thanks bunches and Happy Gardening, Kat
You have to let the flowers dry completely on the plant and wait for the top of the seed pod still on the plant to open on its own, it will be a small opening and the seeds will dump right out. They are very small.
Oh, thank you DizzyDaff, Weeze and KyaD for the great trades, I got the seeds yesterday, it's hard for me to get to the PO every day.
Oh Bonnie, Fidelis Lady, thanks for the great trade, I know the pothos you sent what is the other one? Annette is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to