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Hi everyone! I see a lot of familiar "faces" and think I will start yakking. Yeehaw.

I am a lover of colorful plants and green lushiness. Winter chills me to the bone here in southwestern Ohio, although I admit it has been mild to date.

I cherish good friends, intelligent conversation and a hot cup of strong, black coffee.

I look forward to swapping advice and stories...Heaven knows I need the advice and can make up the stories!!
Welcome shinekeeper.........lots of familiar names popping up here......:)
Hey Deb
So glad to see you here. Sure have missed chatting with ya. i'm sure we will be doing lots of chatting...... Talk with ya soon.

Hey, do you still chat with Peggy, I emailed her the link using the email addy that I had for her but never heard back from her so not sure I have the correct email. We need the old Bluegrass gang here. What about Gramps? Sure have missed him
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Well...Peggy has been busy with family stuff...I still talk to her but she has been so occupied. She has been slow answering me, too, but I imagine you have the right email. I'll send her over! I actually went to her house in August and had an incredible time! She and her husband are great people.

Gramps emails me from time to time...he's fine. He just kinda got away from the online stuff. I doubt he'll post anymore, but I could be wrong.
Another name I recognise! Maybe with all the moving around and changes, Gramps kind of gave up like me.... I just found it too difficult. This is so wonderful! I'm so happy Bob has done this, it is truly just like the old days. Maybe if you emailed him and told him that, he might give it a try. :)
Howdy SHinekeeper....another one from our previous life :D I just love it when we reconnect with the good old gang. Glad to "see" you .... YAHOO!!!!

this makes it official now! :p
HI Shinekeeper! How did I miss this!
Great to See you!:D :D

Happy Birthday in case I missed that too *LOL
Boy did this pass me by...

What kind of Gardening stories do you want to share.. hem,hem, tell..?
I'm all ears on this boring New Years Day...

Happy New Year Everyone! 2009 can't believe it is 2009!

Kale the tradition goes that whatever you do today you do all year. So if you are bored today you know what that means.
No I do not understand that statement..:eek:


Kale that tradition says if you are bored on New Years Day you will be bored all the year.

Example--if you shop today you will shop all year. Just what people say----
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I've heard that old saying too Dale..gonna be a lot of people watching ball games all year..a lot of bored people..some depressed, a few that are working today. Going by this, the world is gonna be a mess this year!!
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