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Hi there everyone, I got the invite here by spider_lily and I am glad to be here..I recognise some of you from few years ago on GG..its good to be here:)

Gods blessings on you all,
Welcome Riverrock.
What was your name on GG? I don't remember riverrock from yrs ago.

Forgive me I didnt think about that..I think it was SpringGlory back then.
River Rock
Hark where are you in Oregon, i'm in Salem and Debe is in Lyons and Randy is in sherwood..
Welcome to the forum RiverRock. I remember you as SpringGlory from GG. I'm maggieevans(Meg) from GG.
Hey there Maggie! Yep I remember yu also, i see a lot of folks i remember its really neat, I feel like I am home again:)

Hi River Rock I also remember you from GG as Spring Glorie wasn't your little fur buddies name Joise? It is so nice to see you again dear.
Spring GLORY...:D;)

Now RiverRock!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome and Howdy!;)
Great to SEE you!:D

Hello RiverRock/SpringGlory,
Going to be rough to get use to your name change dear...but shall try....Welcome to the place....Jump on in and get your roots dirty....will have to get caught up
aawww you all are so wonderful and I am so glad to be here! Maybe this will help you understand the name change. I live near the river here, in fact I can walk to the river in less then 5 minutes. And at the river there is a huge rock that I go to and pray. The Lord meets me so wonderfully there and it is a very specail place for me. Thus the name RiverRock.

Yep I still have my fur baby Josey..she is now my little old lady dog, will be 12 this august, quite the miracle for those of you that remember when she broke her back 6 years ago.

It is so great to be home! HUGS everyone!!
I'm late to welcome you, but better late than not.. Glad to have you with us RiverRock. You paint such a lovely picture of prayer on the river rock..I bet it is very special for you.
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