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Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, a group of people from Kentucky started a thread. They shared their day to day lives, southern recipes, southern humor, southern landscapes, plantings and general southern hospitality.

I was drawn to their honest, caring discussions. I read each morning to see what they were up to. What they were I always smiled and thought I would like to visit these wonderful folks.

But....I was a BUCKEYE! :eek: Yes...a worthless nut. From...Ohio!

They seemed so welcoming...but might they laugh at my northern accent? My Cincinnati-based cornbread recipe?

I had to do it...

I crossed that Ohio River and said..."HI, Y'ALL, CAN I BE YOUR FRIEND?"

I think it was the "y'all" that got them.

They welcomed me with open arms and I made some of the best friends I've ever had. Not that the rest of the people from the rest of the United States, Canada and the Netherlands weren't equally 'n the Bluegrassers just clicked. I have visited 2 of these wonderful people and exchanged many, many parts of my heart with several of them thru the years. We've been together thru marriages, births, divorces, graduations, car accidents, dogs dragging me off my bike and trying to eat many things.

I hope some, many or all will see this and join me again. Ask anyone who knows me...I really shouldn't be left unattended for long.

AND...they'll welcome you, no matter where you live. It's just how they are!!

By the way...there is a new dog story...(THAT oughta get 'em!!! lol)
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I want to hear the about the new dog story. I remember the one with the bike...
This was a good thread with lots of good people chatting in it. We were from all over but most of them where from the Bluegrass area but like Shiney said they welcomed all and if they welcomed me then they will welcome anyone.....
I will certainly share my new dog story(actually 2 of them double-teamed me!!)...but later. I am heading out to The Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo. Hoping it will change my "Bah Humbug" mood.
Bah Humbug. It didn't work.

I started riding my bike about 4 years ago...5 miles or more a day. You know...staring at 50 and sitting at a desk all day...thought I'd try to get healthy. It worked. I lost 65 lbs. and felt great. Riding a bike is like flying an earthbound plane...wind in your hair, bugs in your teeth...and you're making it all happen with your own power. Pretty cool.

Except for dogs. They like to chase moving legs. My first experience landed me bleeding in a ditch. This latest one didn't leave as many scars, except perhaps, for my psyche. I now officially have a fear of dogs.

I knew there were dogs there. But the family was out front and I figured they would control the animals. Ha! The big snarling one darted out, barking madly. I was a trespasser in his eyes. I got my leg hung up as I tried to get off the bike...good thing it was a deserted country road I landed in the middle of. And good thing the bike fell on top of me...made it hard for Snarling Beast to find my quivering flesh. Enter(from behind, of course) the second Snarling Minion. Fortunately, it was a grossly overweight and blind Chihuahua who must have only been able to smell my quivering flesh but not quite locate it. I leapt up with the nimbleness of a terrified 51-year old chick. Snarling Beast circled and hung back when I yelled "NO!!" Snarling Minion started wheezing and panting. I noticed it had no teeth and was relieved..

Yes, I mentioned that the family was out. They must lead a very boring life as they seemed to be enjoying the drama unfolding. A crazed woman spinning in circles in the middle of the road, keeping a bike between her and THE DOG. I screamed at the woman to call off her dog. There were children, so I did not cuss. Out loud. Do you know what she said to me?

At this point, I became more afraid of what I might do to this woman than what Snarling Beast might do to me. When I mentioned that the law might choose my side over hers, she half-heartedly called the dog off. The Chihuahua was now sitting on it's butt wheeze-barking in the direction of a mailbox that I think it thought was me.

I actually had chest pains over this. I believe it was my frustration at the woman's insolence, not at my fear of being punctured. The authorities here in the country do nothing more than warn people. If they see the dog off the property, they will issue a fine. We live at the very farthest edge of the county...they don't come out here much. I don't blame the dogs...they are animals. But...that woman, she's an idiot. And her kids will probably grow up to be idiots.

Now, I can laugh at the image of me dancing around...kinda. But I have less enthusiasm for riding now. I've tried pepper spray...that's how I landed in the ditch the first time. I have a big stick. I guess the best thing I can do is ride where I'm sure there are no dogs.

Moral of this story= if you are a pet owner, please be responsible and considerate.

My next a pit bull broke loose and came after me while I was simply walking. I guess I smell like a Milk-Bone.
You always have doozie bicycle/dog stories Shine.

Laurie you will have to get her to tell you the story about me taking her and the Cabin Girls to the Slip n Slide party next to my family farm...and their trip to KY to see Cliff and I...

Shine its so wonderful that you started this thread...I always enjoyed the Bluegrass, Nat, Gramps, KY Girl, and the original Bluegrasser who started it... Abigaile

My life has been so busy these last few months....two grandchildren joined the clan, weddings, murder in family, husband sick, I am ready to relax a bit but now I need to decorate for Christmas and finish cornhole boards and bags for the kids for Christmas....

COME TALK TO ME!!!!! Somebody....

My part of Ohio is lightly covered in white this morning. Brisk wind adds to the chilly! Gently falling, fluffy snowflakes makes for a peaceful view out my office window.'s still the same here...I am not working as long as I can get away with it:p

The Slip-n-Slide Story....I shall tell it soon....there's a picture of it in one of my Albums...
I do look forward to the slip and slide story with pictures to be sure....
growing up I loved our slip and slide...but once I was dubbed the duck I was reluctant to waddle any longer ...
No snow here in the Santiam Valley but cold enough for sure...
No rain at the moment ...all night it did pour....and ice was on the roads for DH's long morning ride....

I am already going to get the Calender out and begin my count down to spring ....
Oh Gosh, Debe....this Slip-n-Slide was un-be-lieve-able!! It was most definately NOT your run of the mill plaything!!! Prettylady's people do things in a...BIG way!!
Shinekeeper I remember the bike story unbelievable...
Great story writer. When crazy things like this happens it is great to share with your friends...:)

Although I wasn't much in the bluegrass thread at that time, I did visit it. I'm guessing this was in that thread.
I think I was in with the veggies...Or trying to solve my year long dilemma.

What time are you usually on?
I usually get up around 5am.My cute as a button cats sees to it that my feet hit the carpet and my hand is extended into his food container and hand him some food, then he sees to it that I make sure he didn’t drink all his water then he claws at my carpet I jump out of bed rather bothered enough to throw him out in the snow but I don’t .
I want to, Clearly think about it and even temped… but I do not.
I place him nicely in the crate so I do not hurt him, by then Ill have to go to the ladies room by then I have to get something to drink but then I feel a sudden need for food so I find something with the bright refrigerator light shining in my little eyes by the time I am ready to go back to bed Someone or thing is snoring way I will sleep with snoring sound ripping out my sensitive ears!
So I am up for the day for sure ….All depends on the cute orange cat!

We can chat!

Countdown Yes we need a count down !

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Hi everyone, Just checking in. Deb, good story about the dogs. Didn't know you lived around me:eek:) I am almost afraid to ride my bike. In this little burg almost everyone turns their dogs loose or don't care if they get out of the fence and I get chased everytime I ride:eek:) Or walk, or drive for that matter. You write a great story!!

I'm doing the happy dance! :D
I'm so excited to get our little group back together and welcome any new faces that dare to join our crazy bunch!

For those of you who do not know me ...
I grew up in central KY (Lexington) and had lived there all my life. Happily for the most part. Then ... (scary music starts to play) I fell in love with my hubby who, by the way, was another worthless nut. (reads buckeye) So this is how I ended up in the god-forsaken frozen tundra of the North Eastern snowbelt of Ohio! :eek:
It's all good. :rolleyes:
I was missing home and my longer gardening season when I ran across this bunch of people. Ahhhh, a sweet taste of home!
Warning to all who dare enter: there's no turning back!! ;)

Peggy, Deb ... I'm so happy to be here with y'all again! (says screaming and jumping up and down)

My L'il Sis!!!! (Nat is not my blood sister...but I have adopted her)I had the honor of meeting her and her hubby a few years back. By the way...she makes a mean salsa and HOT sauce!!

Peggy...ah Peggy. I am saving the Slip-n-Slide story for when I can do it justice. Folks...I had another honor recently...I spent a couple days with Peg and her hubby. My Gosh I had a time!!! And that woman makes (among a gazillion other things) a to-die-for peach preserve. MMMMmmmm.

Kale...ya just never know when I am on here. Lots of times I post around 7 in the morning, when I first get to work. But I get on around 8 at night sometimes...especially in the winter. We'll chat!!

Marie, HELLO!! Glad you're here. So we have dogs in common, lol!! I get so frustrated.

Me...I tell stories. And I'm glad you all visited this thread. We're gunna have a real good time together.

More stuff to come...gotta run. I HATE when I hafta actually WORK at work!!!
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I always enjoyed reading this thread on the 'other' site but didn't post much. So I'll be lurking.

I'm with you shine, the owner is the idiot not the dog. My dogs only chase squirrels.
Bluegrass Pit Bull

Some of you know I travel to a Cabin near Cave Run Lake in Kentucky and spend time with my 3 best friends from high school. We are...The CabinGirls. We went there in October for our annual fall trip. I devised a plan to help us get our exercise even though a couple had injuries that prevented our usual rather vigorous hike.

I hid 16 riddle/clues over about a 2 mile area. Number 1, when answered, led to #2 and so on. At the end was a Treasure Chest of candy and small gifts. Oh...I walked their tails off!!!

But I had to hide them all first!

I was on the next to last clue when I passed a long ravine with 2 dogs tied by a cabin. I was on the public road, and far from them, but I suppose the dogs were territorial and began to bark madly.

I walked on. I then realized it had grown too quiet. And then I heard something rushing thru the leaves. I still hear that sound in my dreams) It's funny how your mind works...La-la-la, what a beautiful day, leaves are THAT? OH MY GOSH...THERECOMESaPITBULLandILOOKLIKE A CHEWTOY!!!!!!!!!!

Now, in my child-like excitement of hiding clues, I had broken a few rules. I was alone (bad, bad girl) and I had left my sturdy walking stick/ninja weapon on the porch(Oh no).

I knew not to run. But my feet kept trying to. This ol' heart was sure thumping!

The only thing around was an abandoned car and a pitifully inadequate bush. This dog was huge and was dragging a 10 ft piece lumberjack quality log chain with him. I figured I could go around the bush enough to wrap him useless.

I wish I had a video of this...

I dodged to the left like the nimble ninjette that I am...YA!...then I had to go right 3 steps...YA.!.YA!...back to the left....then right..YAAAA! He would not go round and round. Then he decided to just go thru the middle of the measley bush and attack.

That ticked me off.

I pulled all of my awesome and terribly brave 5'7" frame up, looked Chopper right in the eye(which had a perfect black ring around it, hence real name Ringo) (and, YES I know never to eye a dog, it is a direct challenge) and mightily yelled, "NO!!! GO HOME!"

And he did. Tucked his tail and ran.

Then I cried.
I do that when I am beyond angry. I think that's why The CabinGirls didn't ground me or punish me for breaking the rules. Either they felt sorry for me ...or they wanted to be sure I hid that last clue so they got their treats!

We drove by later and Ringo was re-tied. The locals say it happens all the time. He has chewed on people and small pets. No justice has been rendered. I pray no child ever encounters him. If I lived there, I'm afraid I would not be popular with that family.

But anyway, here's a picture of one of the Girls finding a clue. And another of the Treasure Chest. We sure have a good time. next story will be more uplifting, I promise. But go ahead and laugh at the image of me dancing with yet another dog. It turned out ok.


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I understand your fear of that dog. Last summer my neighbor's dog chased me all over the yard while I was driving the lawnmower! Apparently he did not like the pitch of the motor and it sent the dog into a frenzy.. yipping and jumping and trying to bite my foot and leg. Finally I got my wits about me and decided to drive the lawnmower toward the dog and it ran off. The first time I called the owner and they said they would keep an eye on the dog, that it is usually inside.. the 2nd time it happened I told them if they did not keep their dog inside or within their fence, and it chased me all over my own yard, I was calling my attorney. (They know I have a legal membership and access to legal counsel at all times.. I have not seen the dog since)
Wow, shinekeeper, what is it with you that attracts all the dawgs??? I've laughed so hard, thanks for sharing your stories. I have 3 miniature pinschers and they just love the meter reader. The lady got herself a pair of snake boots, hip lenght, just to read my meter! My muts are in a fence and I've tried to tell these hard heads that I will call my reading in and stay out of my back yard but they seem to like dealing with my ankle biters and still return! Oh..and a stick just makes them worse. Bad bad dawgs! A sub came once by once, he came in one gate and they ran him through the other. He had a stick. I was scared that he would hit my little dogs or they would eat him..not sure which would be worse. All 3 of my babies has pelular luxation in the back hard blow could cripple them forever and one hard bite could really hurt awhile and maybe need a stitch. Hmmmm..
Stay away from the dogs, Shine...they don't seem to like you and maybe you might want to think of investing in snake boots too??
I like this Blue Grass Bunch thread! I'm in SC but I've been to Kentucky, does that count?
Yes, may stay! You'll like it here. And...I really never want to hit a dog...
Funny you should mention snake boots....I met a timber rattler at The Cabin...but, that's another story!
Nat, Gloria, Sash, Veg, Chatty, all of ya...Wow...doing dance...this thrills my heart seeing everybody...

Shine and the Cabin Girls are beyond delight... I so enjoyed our time together... Shinekeeper is every bit as bubbly as she sounds... Thanks on peach preserve favorite for sure...
Shine i can see you ....LOL...dancing with the are a trip...

Nat I wanna try your salsa one day...sound really tasty... I love hot...

Today i am cutting out corn hole bags and sewing them and stuffing them with 2 cups of shelled corn... Have made all my kiddos cornhole boards for Christmas...

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