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I just came in from walking though my flower garden, and felt something crawling on my neck and it was a wood tick. YUK! I'm serious thinking of getting some guinea hens as everyone says they take care of any tick problems. Will ask my brother about it tonight at dinner as they will be in his yard too. I can't take the ticks anymore. We have the deer ticks here too. My male cat has lyme disease and I get checked every yr for it.
Laurie a neighbors cousin is a land surveyor and out in the woods all the time. Years ago he told us when he comes in from the outdoors he prepares a sink of water with bleach and wipes himself completely down. We have not had a tick on us in years since we started using this method. Try it, it won't hurt. The only thing is you smell like bleach for a few hours.
I called around and I'm too late to order any guinea hens for this yr

I would worry about my hair too as I've found them in my hair in the past. I find them on the floors and walls too inside the house. Guessing them came in on my clothes,
Got to put some frontline on my kitties, hate using it as they dont go outside but they can get ticks on them from me bringing them inside. I try to check my clothes and body over before coming inside
Laurie hold on to your wallet when you order them cuz they are pretty spendy. And they are noisy too.
I am looking to order some too
They were $4.25 each up to 19, @ 20 the price went down to $4.20... big drop...lol
around here you had to order them in April for May delivery, they don't offer them now like they do the chicks, have until May 15th to order them and they come in June 18/19
We have wild turkeys here and they can't be any noisier than they are.
Get some Avon Skin So Soft spray & use it on clothes & skin before going outside. Misquitos, ticks & fleas really do NOT like it. It will help.
We back onto a small woodlot and also get ticks in the house. I need to get the Frontline on the kitties or they will be in trouble.
I haven't been around guineas since I was about 7 or 8 years old, but I have had some friends that had them and they are supposed to make good watch(dogs?). They set up a racket when anything strange comes around. Somebody with experience though can set me straight on that. I do remember though that they are pretty good eating.
Never ate one BUT they are excellent watchdogs. And I understand that they can be in your garden cuz they eat bugs but they don't scratch or eat the plants. don't know for sure.
Guinea meat is white like chicken and tastes like pheasant but is not overly "gamey". I had guineas but they were VERY loud and do not stop the alarm until everything is back to their liking. I got rid of mine because I'm too close to my neighbors. Every time someone would drive in or out they would sound off.
They are very good at keeping ticks down and Ive heard snakes won't mess with full grown guineas.
I am using Hartz Ultra Guard Pro Flea and Tick Dropes on my cat and it works really well.
Wallmart has it for about $10.00 for the 3 month treatment, applying 1 tube every month. Much cheaper then Frontline.
There was a big thing on the world news last week I tihnk it was about the cheaper brands of the flea and tick products. Cats are dying, have seizures, etc with it.
I always have used the frontline plus on my cats, i get it online and it's so much cheaper than at the vet
To All:
There is a product called Herbal Armor and it is all natural and works well. No side effects either. Google it and check it out. MY son turned me on to it and I love it. ;)
Our neighbors had ticks. They got on our new dog, Rich picked them off and put frontline on him. Then sprayed the yard with "Home Defense". The neighbors had their yard sprayed. So far it is working.
The herbal armor is like "off", but all natural. We use it on use and the dogs. Fleas and ticks will be bad this year because it has been so dry and we got a little rain last night just enough to hatch them out.
We use frontline plus on our dogs...problem being...it kills but does not repel. They run down to the creek and get covered in ticks then bring them to me, don't laugh...I asked the vet if I could use the frontline plus on me and he said if I did...it would kill me...so great...they are protected but I am left to be a tick feast....have gotten them all off without getting bit but one....ended up with a huge knot on my head from it. Our dogs are house dogs and I check them when they come in but apparently...I am missing some. The yard close to our house and around my gardens are treated but with 8 acres...its impossible and the dogs love to go down to the creek and the high weeds where the ticks are heaviest. I am gonna have to do something because I don't want to get sick again this year from it. Do you think you can teach a 115 lb Lab to use a litterbox?
That's a big Lab, SM. I found a tick on me a few days ago and just flicked it off. It didn't register right away that I should have made sure it was dead. I have no idea how it came to get on me though.
Be glad you can't teach him to use a litter box. You would have to have one whole room just for him! We are having bad flea problems and I am using about $200, a month in prevention. We have to bathe them every 2-3 days.

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