Wanted for trade or postage

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Kya D

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I am looking for
Pachystachys lutea aka golden candle plant or yellow shrimp plant.
Columnea gloriosa aka goldfish plant
I have lipstick plant cuttings, or shrimp plant cuttings to trade or we could talk.
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I have never heard of those!

I did just get a catolog from somewheres that had Shrimp plant in it
I will go look for it and see if they had the yellow
but they are pricey!!
the yellow shrimp plants are hybread (sp?)...that is why they are so pricey...
on the shrimp plant you already have is it the light salmon to pinkish color...?
I have the Fruit Cocktail Shrimp plant I got at The Bulb Mart and I have the Blue Shrimp plant seeds but not the yellow, Dawn. Sorry.
Latebloomer I hate to have you take cuttings if the plant is limping along but when it takes off I would love one. Please keep me in mind then.
OH DOR I googled both plants (blue and fruit cocktail) They are just plain beautiful
When you want to part with either of those, Please PICK ME
Flowers4yeshua the one you sent me is growing great guns. I have already clipped it back and rooted the cuttings. It is so bushy and pretty. I can't wait to see it bloom.
I used to have a yellow one and that silly thing was in bloom for about 10 months a year
I sure will Dawn. Let's count on it being in the spring for the Fruit cocktail. I will try to root cuttings for you. It is in bloom right now and is beautiful.
Ok I will write it down but remind me if I forget. I will get the Blue shrimp seeds to you.
You are welcome and so are you. You are welcome to any of the plants or seeds that I have. I have been looking the shrimp plants up on the web. There are quite a few of them. It makes me want to get some more. I think I will. I saw the yellow at the Plant show but they were picked over when I got to them so I didn't take the last one. I will see if I can get a red and a yellow at the end of the year sale at Houston Garden Center. They have 70% off.
I have the gold fish plant it is really healthy but mine has not bloomed???
Any suggestions?
I can send you some of it and I have a red shrimp plant I could send cuttings from...Just say the word!:D
They are yours! My shrimp plant is just coming up..I should also have a tropical fruit...when they get up and full I will take cuttings for you!

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