Wanted to let everyone know

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I dont know if this is the right place or not but just wanted to let everyone know that we dont have electric here for 11 days now except for generator,,so i wont be online as often but will be online sometimes,,so please be patient with me if i dont reply to your emails as often as i did,,but i will get to them,,hopefully electric will be restored quickly,,it is said that it may be as long as 5-7 weeks before we get back on the grid here,,:(:eek::confused::confused::eek:thank you all for your kindness and understanding,,take care God bless you and your loved ones,,Cassie
I pray that it is restored very soon! Also for your protection!
Please stay safe, I wish I could do more, but I do pray that God wrap you in His comfort, warmth and protection.

God Bless You My Friend
Cassie are you doing okay. Wish I lived closer so I could possilbly help you. Check in when you can because we care.
Gosh Cassie, thats terrible....another 5-7 wks? Sure hope you get it back before then. Keep us posted when you can as to how your situation is. Take care now.
Cassie, I am keeping you and everybody in your situation in my prayers. I have a friend in the same situation as you. She is in Clay County. She is being told the same thing as you, 5-7 weeks. She has been going to a nearby town and hanging at the Burger King all day and taking advantage of their free WIFI. Stay safe!
Not sure when you will see this but you are in our thoughts and prayers.See you soon!
This is terrible...But.... it too shall pass..Quicker the better..
Hang in there and be safe.How are the stores handling it?
This is terrible.

Well look on the bright side.... if we went out.. we will stay out..no generators here.
Hang in there, know we are thinking of you :)

Wow Cassy I am so glad you checked in with us --- How are you holding up and your family holding up what are you doing about food and heat? I really hope it is not out for as long as they are saying Thats almost 2 months. Can you relocate someplace until this desaster is over --- How come we aren't hearing about this on the news? Being out a few days is one thing and consided a hardship but this is completely diffrent. Please check in with us when you can.
Stay warm and well Cassie, I can't imagine how you're coping with such adversity, take care please
Cassie take care and be safe. I will be praying for you and your family. I hope they are able to get your power up for you sooner. We were without power for 6 days after Hurricane Ike and that was enough for me.
Cassie, I'm so sorry, I do hope you get your power back up and running soon. I heard them say on the news that it would be the first of march or later in soom areas before they had the power back on in Ky. My granddaughter lives in Ky and she doesn't have electricity either. We have tried to get her to come home until it is restored but she says she will be ok. I am so worried about her and all the people in this troublesome time. You take care and please keep us posted as to how your doing.
Cassie sorry to hear you have no electric. That makes me feel sad. We will put you in our prayers.
I heard about it but didn't realize that it was going to be that long before you got your power back. Thank goodness for generators. will be keeping you and your family and neighbors in my prayers and hoping that they restore the power sooner than 5-7 weeks.
Keep us updated as you can. Take care
Good grief Cassie!!!!!! Will pray that you and all others stay safe and well and that it wont take so long to get your power back.
Hard to believe that in this day and age of such modern technology -the power can go out and stay out for so long!:confused:
Take care and check in when you can.
There's work crew's from our local Electric Company headed that way to help.They left Thursday for 10 weeks they were told.Sending prayers.
Cassie, if you see this....pm me your addie. I got your pm that you were sending out that envie on Monday, I am leaving Friday for Chicago and won't be back until the following week. If you pm me your addie, I will go ahead and send your stuff out before I leave. I love Chitown, you never know....I may never come back...haha!! Take care and stay warm!!
Hi Everyone,,,it is good to hear from each and everyone of you and appreciate all of your prayers,,,we are staying safe here and we try to go out once a day and get a warm cooked meal somewhere uptown,,,and appreciate the help that is comming down our way,,,we appreciate all the sacrifices that the power people are making in everyones behalf,,,i will get back with you all eventually when the power gets back on here,,there are some that have already got power back but when it is time for us for our power to come back on , it will be back on,,,it could be worse,,,thank the Lord it isnt,,it is raining now and where we live the roads flood and is impassible for a day or so if it quits raining,,so right now it is impassible but we have already went out for the day for a warm meal and gas for the generator,,we wont leave our animals behind,,,they are just like family,,all your precious people take care God bless you and your loved ones,,,Cassie
Amen! Cassie please take care. Glad you are thinking of the fur babies too. They are even less equiped to take care.

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