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Gardenforums welcomes members coming to us from any gardening sites. We believe that it is not a "sin" to be a member on more than one gardening site so therefore, don't feel you need to keep a low profile. Some of us are registered on several gardening forums and quite a few Gardenforum members are registered at.. or have left GH. So it was said that maybe the GH folks would like a thread to meet, see who's here and who's missing and maybe invite your friends to join us. We can use this thread for that purpose.
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I was at GH for a short time.......but originally from GG........this is the new GG....better, yes, much better......
Hi Yup I was on the old GH and loved it. When things started to change I couldn't get on the site and I still can't get on it..
I am so glad that there are so many of my friends here GF.
Dawn/ coco/ Kya D
As you know, I too am from GH and I agree Dawn, it was wonderful until it moved to a new and improved site. Hmmmm?
Anyway, I wouldn't want anyone to misunderstand the greeting on this thread, we are not encouraging anyone to leave a site ...just that we open our doors to all gardeners. If it's just to stop by now and then or that you make this your gardening home. Please know that all are welcome and hope you enjoy. By the way, feel free to invite your friends
I hope that I didn't sound like I didn't love the GH site cuz I did I just wish I could get on it. But for the past few weeks I can't even get on the site.
I grew to love many people on the site and miss some of them very much.
Dawn, check the members list here, some may already be here, just not posting. We have private messaging so you could pm them. If they're not here and you can get in touch with them, invite them to join.
I was on GH almost 5 years, I know how you feel. A lot of the members here are from the old GG and GH, they can all relate too.
I think with a little more time, and we all get to know each other, we'll have one big happy family with this site.
Gloria you are so right, a good site is made up of the great people that are on it, without the folks it's nothing, I know when I moved to other sites and saw names of the people that I had come to know from other places it made so much more comfortable. KyaD I hope you won't be missing the people you made friends with for long, I think you will see a lot of familiar faces here.
I feel a red carpet under my feet!

Thanks, Gloria! Thanks to you, too, Swindy!

Dawn, you haven't been displaced. I think your browser is causing your problems on GH. :eek: You should be able to read PM's there, though. I wish I could tell you when it will be fixed, but I honestly have no clue. It's not any problem with your browser, it's something with the coding on GH. If you have a browser other than IE, you won't have a problem.

Swindy, so you understand, GH used to have a more traditional forum set up like this. Just under a year ago, we moved to a really different and customized set up. It's something our site owner designed, so it wasn't ever fully tested. I have never known a computer that didn't have a literal mind of its own. Whenever the site is updated, things get messed up, and it's been a spiral effect because it hasn't been possible to get things fixed right away. :( A lot of folks are quite frustrated.

As frustrated as we are, I'd be a heck of a lot madder if I had no place where I could meet with all the wonderful friends I have made.

Several years ago, a very dear friend of mine told me when my husband and I moved to Texas and I was worried about not knowing anyone, that I should look for a way to meet gardeners. She said she'd never met a gardener that she didn't like. I didn't understand what she meant back then. I definitely understand now. Gardeners ROCK!
Susan, you rock! I just hate that you had to take the brunt of all the GH problems. I'm glad you are here with us and if GH does make a huge come back, I hope you will continue to be with us here also.
Well.....We all are glad you all feel and know you can be here...there ...any where ...and be around friends...:D:cool::)
I'm blushing, Gloria!

Gloria, the way I see it, the more gardeners I can meet, the better. That means there are more people I can trade with and share my small bounty with, and it's always wonderful to get to know other gardeners.

I ROCK? You're the first person who has ever told me that! I better be careful or my head will swell up so big, I won't be able to get through the doors anymore.

I don't think I had to take the brunt of GH's problems. I beat myself up a lot over them, and I probably still do, but I knew all along and I still know, regardless of my "official role," there wasn't a thing I could do to fix anything. That really urked me more than anything.

It's nice here. It's so relaxing, and you know.......it's so nice to be able to come here and just hang out without any responsibilities. I can be a loafer....I could really get to like that -- a lot! :p ;) :D
I'll second the YOU ROCK Ms. Susan. BTW I never thought you are at fault for the mess ups. I wish you wouldn't beat yourself up for it. I never would.
I know quite a few people are here and there and I know and love a large amount of people that are here. It is like moving into a new neighborhood and bring all of the neighbors with you.
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I know..but if you need to move..what better way than to take your loved ones with you?
You'll find that all the members from the old GG and other sites are very warm and welcoming. You'll settle in quickly, I'm sure.
Dawn, you are so sweet! If you and Gloria keep this up, my head may get so large, it will burst. Seriously though, thank you both for your support! I love you dearly for it!

Getting to have my special friends wherever I go is a wonderful thought, and I wouldn't have it any other way. As for taking my neighbors with me, there are some I have here that I'd be really happy to leave behind. They have a tendency to blast their stereos so loud that my floors and walls vibrate...and at 2, 3 or 4 a.m., that kind of noise doesn't make me a happy camper!

It's so comfy here.....And this laziness is something to which I could really grow accustomed!
My friends

I too am a member of many gardening sites GH and GG,
plantswap, and this one!
I Love them all and I am soooooooooooo glad that so many of my friends are here!
After Katrina I developed very deep relationships that are eternal, from GH and I am so happy that none of us have to lose contact with one another!

I am eternaly GREATFUL for all of you my Friends!

If I can just get settled a little in my life, I will have more online time.
We are going through another storm, but I know God will see us through it!

Just because i am not on as much as i would like to be, Please dont think I dont care.

God Bless You All My Friends
We love you, Treva!

Treva, no one could ever think that you care! We can feel it in your writing, and in everything you do. We all know that this economic crisis is hitting each of us in someway, however different it may be. Somehow, we just have to find the strength to weather through the tough times. And when we do have the time, stopping by at a place like this to catch up with friends is a great way to take our minds off of things.

Keep in touch as you can, dear Treva, and know that we care deeply for and about you and that we have you in our thoughts and prayers.

I never would have thought that I could meet such cool people and develop such special friendships with people who share my love for gardening on the Internet. I guess I had to see it happen to believe it!

Thank you all for all of your support and friendship...and for sharing your gardening bounty with me, and with everyone else. There's nothing more satisfying than looking at something I've grown -- especially from seed, and thinking that I have this because a dear friend shared their seeds with me.

Long live gardening forums -- every one of them is special in their own way!
Treva, we'll always be here for you dear. I hope your storm passes soon. I know you have what it takes to see you through. The last year has been the hardest I think I've ever endured but the Man upstairs is watching over us. Hang in there my friend, it will get easier when the time is right.
Treva, I think this is a rough time for a lot of people. I know it doesn't change the reality for any of us, but somehow, at least for me, when I hear that others are going through a difficult time, it helps me realize that I'm not alone in my plight, and that hopefully, the tides will turn for all of us -- sooner rather than later.

We know you care, and we hope you know how much all of your friends from wherever you've met them love you. True friends will be there for you no matter what. If you need to talk, or need a shoulder to cry on, I'm here. That goes for you, too, Gloria. I've got two shoulders. And you are all such dear friends. Knowing you are here and that we all have these places where we can pop in to take our mind off of "real world" issues is comforting, and I welcome having this every time I pop in.
I'm a bit late to the party, but I'll add my welcome to GH members too. I never visited that forum, but then again I don't have much time to visit other sites, I'm always working on my own.

The idea of this thread is to make it easy for GH site members to re-connect with your friends here on this site. Sometimes folks will have different member names on various sites, or maybe they'll just not have posted yet so folks don't realize they're here. This thread gives you a place to pop in a say hi.

I'm glad to hear that many of you are enjoying this site, and that it's comfortable. That's the goal here. This software is constantly being updated, but they tend to stick with what folks know, and make changes very gradually, and keep features that folks like to have. I think it's easy to use and works well. That's the main goal for me.

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