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Was wondering what may be the three garden tools you just can not live with out....I have many as I am sure we all do as gardeners...but if you could only keep three what would they be.
For me number one is my little round end hoe, shovel of course and then hachet.
My favorite 2 are my hands-- I just love digging and getting them as dirty as possible.
The only large tools I kept when I moved was my spade,cultivator and hard rake.
Yep, I'm a hands-on gardener as well. I was warned about chiggers in the soil here in Iowa though so I've started wearing gloves. Not my favorite but it beats the alternative.

Shovel, hard rake, pruner are my basic tools.

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Dora, I thought for sure you were going to list you wonderful new rider mower...;)

I remember when we lived in Kansas and the chiggers...watch around you tiny belly band...OY!
I'm with Sharon & debe on this my tiller is a must and yes my hands. They are always with me and...... I can use them for many chores in the garden. The other would be a good cut shovel. I like to give my plants new homes from time to time so that is on I can't live without!
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Dora, I thought for sure you were going to list you wonderful new rider mower...;)

I remember when we lived in Kansas and the chiggers...watch around you tiny belly band...OY!

Well yes there is that lol! I don't think I'd want to tackle our acre without it but that is new to me so maybe that's why I didn't list it...I've gardened too many years without it lol!

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At Big Old house we just moved from we had 5 acers...Thankfully we found a very nice used rider and it was heaven sent....when we bought this place, it is under 1 acer so I gave the rider to our neighbor by the old house...although it could be used here...I have to say I missed walking to mow...
My mantis tiller, shovel and my hands
my rider too but don't consider that a tool, got an electric start push one too
Three is not enough..my hands, tiller, and hoe...then.. my shovel, rake and last but not least..riding mower..got to have all of these, no exceptions. Ohh shucks..I want my tractor too..I have a biggggg garden to plant!
My first thought would be my large shovel to hit the person on the head that would dare tell me only 3, then once in the white coat ;I would verbally yell for

Pruners, rubbing alcohol and camera*LOL

You know I have to be difficult:) I can't help myself:rolleyes:

3..more like 7-10!

I can't live without my camera to take pics of my roses after
I prune them *LOL


Now ask which 10 or less*LOL:eek::eek:
My Mantis tiller even with my tiny yard I use it..my circle hoe, bamboo rake and my short shovel and short rake..Gloves and pruners too
Oh, big sun bonnet..A must..
I have a "miners pick" which I use for just about everything - my second fav tool is my mantis tiller,as I see many others have mentioned too! Then, I have a hand garden claw that I got at Lee Valley and I just love it as it breaks up soil like no other hand tool.
They are a very small red spider, Kathryn. I remember them well from when I was a kid. We are truly blessed here in Oregon because we can lie down in the grass and romp with the dogs if we want to and have no fear of those chiggers. I couldn't do that in Texas.
I'd have to say my hands, a trowel (I have about 5 including the one in my kitchen), and my grandmother's small shovel I used to love playing with when I was a kid. It's a nostalgia factor as well as using something that was used historically on the property. I have several yard tools like that. You only said 3 though.
Hmmmmm... this is a toughie, but my number one hands-down favorite "tool" for the garden is DH! LOL!!!! He does so much to make new flower beds possible for me and is even gracious about giving up more lawn, since I convinced him "it's less grass to mow"!
Next would be my hand spade and a D handled small digging fork.

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