What Tool?

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My very favorite tool is my Hand trowel. It is not like any I have ever seen before.
It looks like a piece of angle steel with a handle. I use it for everything including prying rocks out of the ground. This little trowel is indestructable. I have used and abused it for nearly 10 years and it is still good as new.
I have an old trowel that I have had for about 45 to 50 years. It's a Craftsman which means it was bought at Sears. I have bought others since then too and they have gone by the wayside, but the old one just keeps going along. It too is very well built out of solid material.
No one has said a cup of coffee. It's the best tool for figuring out what's going to be moved to where after hubby's run over something with the tractor or cut their little heads off with a weed whacker.

(Sculpting a cement "Contemplative Gardener" statue in my head.)
I guess my favorite tools are my showel, trowel, my hands and my pruners. I have started to us gloves more. I don't really like to.

It used to be until he moved out of state "My only son". He can really work the soil and make beautiful flower beds. When he finishes with the lawn if looks like he edged it with his hands. He treats the gardening like I do my sewing. I think he inherited his neatness from me. My close friends agree.
My husband favorite tool is his power pruner. He calls it his "chainsaw on a stick".
That's naming it pretty well. I don't have one of those, but I see them used a lot in the hazelnut orchards around us here.
My 3 favorite tools are my Honda tiller, the thin shovel that don't know the name and my hands. I love digging in the dirt!!!
ok no one named my favorite
my #1 fav is a silver serving spoon out of my silverware drawer it digs everything
#2 would be a pair of shears from walmart I think they cost about $2.00 still they prune and mow the lawn LMAO my neighbors think I am nuts to be lying outside cutting the grass with shears.
#3 is my camera I cant go anywhere without it.
I bought a few spoons and bowls at "Value Village" to keep in the greenhouse. Value Village is just like a Goodwill store. I try and go on Mondays since they give seniors a 40% discount on that day.
My trowl X 20, I have one in most of my gardens, dollar store type with orange handle (easy to spot)from some type of resin, unbreakable and have had them for years. Gardening scissors, and a extra large dinner fork one of my girls brought back from college, it's heavy duty stainless steel, not a serving fork just a big table fork, I get alot of dandelions and it works beautiful on them.
One of my favorite tools is my neighbor who comes over every year with his tractor and tills up my garden. I really appreciate him.
My first must have tool is a stake knife. It’s one of those big ones like they have at Outback. I bought it for a $1 at the $1 store a few years back and it works wonders for me... I use it to dig weeds, cut thru edging, saw thru wooden stakes, you name it. My #2 must have tool is a home made tool my DH made when he worked with cement. It’s like a miniature hand held pick ax. It’s heavy. My garden is too small to warrant getting a tiller. My back is bad so I do most things on my knees. And the ground is so hard I need something I can chip away at the soil with. It’s great for digging out rocks too. My # 3 can’t garden with out it tool is my late father’s very old but very good 50 maybe 60 year old prunners. #4 is my trowel and #5 my shovel. I can’t stop moving plants. LOL
Okay I know you said three but those are the ones I can’t live without. Of course I have many more like everyone else but these, these I garden with.
Post hole diggers are always needed in the garden. They make the perfect size hole for 1 gal plants .
shovel, hoe, hole diggers, and the little small tools for transplanting my plants and digging up small plants also is a must have.
Bernie, pruners that old will have good steel in them. I gave away a set of old pruners last year to a young lady somewhere back east. She wanted to prune some new fruit trees. I sharpened them before mailing them off. I don't know if you ever sharpen your pruners, but if they are bypass pruners, it is very easy to ruin them. My son-in-law means well, but he ruined a pair of lopping shears a couple of years ago by using a file on the inside of the cutting blade. On anvil type pruners, both sides can be touched with a stone or file. Anvil type pruners have to be sharpened evenly though.
Randy, my husband used a wet stone on mine once or twice but it holds its edge so well it doesn't need to be done very often. They are small and Dad used it in his shade house on his orchids and antiriums and such. I treasure the thing so I use it mostly for deadheading. I think it spends more time in my pocket then actually being used. The two oldest photos I have of myself are of me with my Dad. One in the garden and one in the shade house. I wasn't even old enough to walk. In the one taken in the shade house I can see the prunners so I know they are over sixty years old.

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