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I went to Wal-Mart this afternoon.I had to make a trip through garden center
Didn't buy any thing much today they were resetting the dept things everywhere.But I found some Zinna seed I had to have.Giant Violet Queen
I have never seen a purple zinnia.The picture is so pretty.:)
I went to Walmart today too and they were stocking but I picked up some Candy Cane zinna seeds and a couple veggie seeds.
Spider Lily

I grew those zinnias last 2 years they were lovely and they self sow seeds also. I had a good turnout with those zinnias seeds.
I love zinnias also. I'll have to check and see if I can find the purple at WalMart. I was just there yesterday during my lunch but on a different mission. I passed a bag of fertilizer that was set up on and end-cap and running $59!! It caught my attention enough to make me pause and do a double-take, but I didn't investigate further. Seems like I saw in a forum just the other day someone talking about the sticker shock for fertilizer.
This is the seed packet.


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Zinnias are one of my favs. Never seen the purple must go to Wal mart and see if they have them. Be sure to save us some seeds if we can't get them;)
I think I need to make a trip to Wal-Mart too! Those are really pretty. I have never seen a purple zinnia either. One more pack of seeds won't hurt right?
This is the seed packet.
You bought it!
Did you find the marigolds?
I cant wait to see them bloom!:D:D
Go get 'em Gardeners!! No! one more pack cant hurt no one *LOL:D:D



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I was at Wal-mart today and picked up a pack! Only a dollar for the pack. I like Zinnias and this is a very pretty color and a great addition to add to my garden..thanks for letting us know.
And while you are out and about go to the hardware (aco) store for these!

Have fun and think of me ;):D



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Gloria was going to go back for the white Marigold

Spider,the last 2 are from the hardware.
Giant Lavender gem& Giant cactus mix

Wal'Mart may have them.

I've got to go to Walmart too and see what they have. Will have to go to the Christmas Tree Shop too as their seeds are always 1/2 off the package price and I've boughten alot of seeds from there.
Wow those are gorgeous Spider. I'm so excited Walmart has been talking about opening a new super store for five years. They finally broke ground last week and plan to be open by Christmas. It's only three miles from me so you know I'll be in their garden section often. :D The other store is to far away to go to very often. I’m sure I’ll find those seeds somewhere closer to home though.
I went to Walmart yesterday and got some zinnia seeds but they didn't have the Marigolds.


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You found the purple one's yea!!!I found the same one's you have but didn't see any of the Marigol'd either but I keep checking.:)

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