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Does anyone have a creeping charlie plant they dont mind taking a cutting off of? I used to have a really nice one few years ago but my ex decided it was best left in the basement and would not let me bring it up to the regular part of the house..grrr...anyways it died and I just really loved that plant. So I would like to get another one started. I saw a pictre today of a verigated creeping charlie, I didnt even know that existed and wow it is so nice looking. I like the crepping charlie as a hanging plant.

I am not sure what I have to trade besides seeds, few bulbs and cuttings from my christmas cactus or philos. But I would pay postage also.

I like charlies too They rank right up there with the ol time house like piggyback plants, purple velvet plush plants, and mother of thousands (we always called them alligator tears), pothos etc.
Oh yes the purple velvet is another on my list to find some

But oh to find the creeping charlie, he is such a good plant:)
RR I had one years ago while I was in Calif. What a wonderful plant, it grew like crazy and I would hack it back and give the cuttings away and it would grow back in no time at all. I wish I still had it. I hope you find one.
We have something callled creeping Charlie that is an obnoxious weed that creeps all over the gardens, gets little purple flowers in the spring. I'm wondering if your creeping charlie is our swedish ivy? The leaves are similar. I'll have to try to google that one.
Annette I do believe the Sweadish Ivy and creeping charley are the same plant. Whether it is a weed or not, it makes a beautiful house plant lol
I have the outdoors Creeping Charlie which will not grow indoors.I went to a store in UpState NY in07 and saw the indoor one,so tickled, I bought one for my Aunt:D.
Here is my little baby! I place him in various spots,here is the first butterfly that comes to it!

Swindy I have Swedish Ivy, it is a different than my outdoors Creepin Charlie.


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weed or not it is a very lovely house plant and I still would love to get hold of it.


Ps. Jade thats not the same plant as my creeping charlie house plant.
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weed or not it is a very lovely house plant and I still would love to get hold of it.


Ps. Jade thats not the same plant as my creeping charlie house plant.

Lots of common names are used for many different plants, I am just wondering what the houseplant creeping charlie really is you don't know the Latin name do you?
No i dont know, I just know i really liked it when i had it before. I found a verigated version on ebay last night that I could not pass up it is really beautiful.

yes i do believe that is it! I love it, it is so pretty the leaves are a very lush green and you can make they how big or small yo want and you can take cuttings so easy. Thanks Jade:)

Pilea nummulariifolia is the house plant it looks like the other is the garden weed one.
It is not a weed to everyone!:eek:
I love it and
grow it on purpose and
the butterflies love it and
it keeps my plants' roots cool and
saves me from watering and
it keeps me from paying for chemical mulch.

Yes, at one point he stinks*LOL
But you can't have everything.:)

Did you see the picture of the butterfly?? That is Creeping Charlie:D
I have loved him since I identified him many years ago.
And..I couldn't get him to grow indoors, (may be too dry winter months)
I can;t say I gave it all I had.. but ...none the less I keep him outside.;)
He is a Keeper!
Actually they were selling him!!! 16 potted flat for 32.00!I will go this year and see if they have it again.I will hope to get a pic*:LOL

BTW*** humm that link may be no good, I got a pop up which I almost never ever get.

Interesting the link worked great for me with no pop up at all. The link shows the differance in the 2 plants the outside creeping charlie(Nepeta hederacea) and the indoor house plant creeping charlie(Pilea nummulariifolia)..they are to very differant plants, not even in the same family. Thanks again Jade for that link it gives the answer we were looking for. I googled for at least an hour last night trying to find

I am a very happy person as some one emailed me that has the creeping charlie house plant and is rooting cuttings for me! What a great find, it will bring back great memories for me of the one i used to have that was so wonderful.
At the local nursery yesterday I saw a pot of stuff I have and asked the lady what it was called and she said Swedish ivy or creeping charlie. It is a pretty green leaf and makes white flowers at times. It does make a very pretty baskey and I'd be happy to send you cuttings if that is the plant you are looking for. pm me
Thanks weeze...if you read the rest of this thread you will see that the swedish ivy is the outdoor creeping charlie that is also considered an invasive weed to many. The indoor house plant creeping charlie is a differant plant all together.

I was able to find some one that took 6 nice cutting from her creeping charlie house plant and is now rooting them for me. Thank you so very much for your post though weeze it is so nice when some one remember another and offers their kindness. God bless you.

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