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Don't stain lattice with a paint brush in shorts and sandals. I'm going to have fun scrubbing my legs and feet!:D


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It looks like you got a good case of freckles. If the nail polish remover doesn't work a pair of dark stocking willl hide the spots.

Let us know if you were able to get it off.
LOL Swindy I do have freckles just not that big! Well this is what I tried. I did the finger nail polish first, then alcohol, then soap and a tooth brush. The dark red spots turned to purple spots! When I showed hubby he said (while laughing) "Don't look that bad." To go along with that I got some on my elbow and now have a purple elbow! If anyone asks I will just say I have a rare condition called purple spot and only happens every ten years! LOL :D
Looks like you "get into" your work there!! Try what was suggested - time washes away most all stains too!! :D
OMG that is so funny. When I was very little I got into Dad's garage and into some brown paint. I splattered it all over my legs. I used nail polish and got it all off except for one spot on the out side of my thigh that just wouldn't come off. I finally had to fess up to my mother. I thought the woman was going to have a heart attack she laughed so hard. Seems I have a birth mark and I'd never noticed it before then. It’s still there. LOL!
LOL.. this is to funny purple spots disease, I love it. But when I paint my lattice this week i'm wearing pants and socks. You make us all laugh and laughter is a good medicine..
Ha funny lol! The things we learn eh? At least you weren't stripping wood like I was last fall. That stuff is nasty.

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go to the cosmetic counter at your drug store and get some skin bleaching cream. That might help lighten the the spots a bit. Or you could try calling a Dermatologist and see if they have anything to offer. Gad you'll be walking around all summer with the Purple leg decease.
LOL! I stripped bunk beds with striper in shorts and no shoes and have the scares to prove it. We learn by doing don't we!
Hubby says it will wear off in a couple of weeks. My mom got a good laugh out of it. Well it is supposed to rain tomorrow so I will be wearing pants. :D
I have already scrubbed my legs so much they hurt LOL! Am going to help a friend help paint her bathroom tomorrow. AM going to wear old sweats and a hat!
This was wonderful! I laughed so much. Did the bathroom get painted a nice fleshtone?

Something else you don't ever want to do while wearing shorts and prepping a door for painting is to smack a fly off your leg with a brass brush. That hurts. A lot. And it puts lots of little holes in your leg, too.
Is wearing off, can only see it a little now. I've been taking 2 showers a day trying to get it off. Even soaking in the tub! Next thing that I'm going to stain is the fence post and that is going to be white. Been working my butt off trying to get the fence rails painted this week. Ran out of paint today, still 20 more to go. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to