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O.K. so we use lard to fry with...
I have a container in my fridge that is just for french fries I use it several times before it is no good anymore

we also have anothe container that has had other stuff fried in it
ie: country fried steak,fish, onion rings what not we just throw a few peices of tater in it to "clean it"

what about reusing after frying chicken?
in the past we have just thrown it out because there wasn't that much in the skillet..but the other day when BF made my Nuggets he used my fryer and a huge amount of lard
I really hate to throw that much away..especially with money being so tight..

is it really a taboo to reuse chicken grease/lard or is that just an old wives tale?

please advise

I have never heard of a chicken tabo , I only use grease once but when I was a kid my mother use to save the Bacon grease in the frige and used it for frying eggs and some other stuff. But now with everybody trying to be healthy I don't ever hear of anyone using grease or lard anymore. Sauteeing in olive oil is as far as I will go. not that I won't eat FF
I would think that as long as the lard was heated way hot it would kill anything in it but what do I know.
I reuse my cooking oil's to I strain out the crumb's.Keep them in a plastic container.I also reuse the oil where I fry chicken.Never had a problem.I don't throw out anything I can use again unless it's ruined.:)
It is so hard anymore to believe what you are told about anything. I think that balance is the answer. I had a cholesterol test done many years ago, they said "what are you eating" because it was so good....I said "butter and hot peppers". I have gone back to that diet. I am not sure how great the spreads that are supposed to be so good for you are. We still do a lot of hot peppers, hubby just sweats and blows his nose, but his cholesterol levels have dropped dramatically.
I try to do well balanced meals. I have never used lard. I won't eat scrapple again. Lots of fruit and veggies and just a little protein. Lowfat yogurt and whole grains. I have just about always cooked this way.
Jade why won't you eat scrapple again cuz of the taste or cuz of how it is made.
My mom used to make it so I would NEVER try it

I don't eat Scrapple either because, I don't like chicken lips.

when the MOTH and i set up housekeeping he told me he liked scrapple and man i do love scrapple!we've only found 2 brands in our local stores if we can find it all...rapa and esskay..i prefer rapa because the esskay has a fishy taste i guess those chickens are kissing fish on the lips...anyhooo the MOTH thought if he told the boys (aged 6 and 9 at that time) that scrapple had liver in it they would never touch it oh how wrong! they tried it and love it....when we have it ,which isn't very often b/c i really am trying to eat healthier for the most part, i have to fry up 2 packages when they are here so there's enough for everyone..the scrapple label is one of the few labels i don't read, i don't care whats in it b/c i love it and i most certainly don't want to know how bad it is for me...
I reuse the Crisco a few times when I make & deep fry Sopapillas. Bacon grease goes on Star & Necco's Kibble & Bits :p Don't fry chicken or fries..always baked here.
My mom used to tell me that new grease wouldn't brown the food.
If you're concerned about it going rancid,refridgerate or freeze it. Just remember to have it come to room temp before you start to heat it, you can get nasty burns if you try to heat it pops.
Jade why won't you eat scrapple again cuz of the taste or cuz of how it is made.
My mom used to make it so I would NEVER try it

Cause it it made from leftover pig scraps...where are those scraps coming from? I didn't mind the taste, but I don't "need" it.
Scrapple...if they roll it out flat and slice it, does that make it bologna? If no one told me what it was and it looked remotely appealing, I'm sure I would give it a try. If you told me ahead of time what went in there, I'd probably pass. As I write this I'm thinking about the ingredients we find on the goods we buy every day in a grocery and wondering if I shouldn't be more concerned about all those 5 to 8 syllable scientific names that I ignore because I can't pronounce them. Margarine...someone once told me that margarine is one molecule away from being plastic, but I've never bothered to verify. I don't personally strain and reuse cooking oil or lard, but as long as my MIL was alive she always, always strained and reused without a single problem. Finally, for whatever reason, this made me think about a documentary I saw some years back about a country where they would smoke big rats out of their lairs, skewer them right on up, and roast them over an open fire..head, feet, tail and all. They would skin only the trunk of the rat and that's all they ate, but just looking at the charred rat on a stick was more than I could take.
never use any grease ...only olive oil ...peanut oil and grape seed oil...but then i don;t fry any thing either...
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