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Due to the fact that we are supposed to get some serious rain this weekend/upcoming week

I decided to do some other stuff

finished up the alley and sprayed a heavy dose of weedkiller
just to make sure (this is the only place I use it)

Then I started on the iris "run"

dug up all my irises from surrounding areas divided them up and replanted them along the run

this is the order of my pics

before-ish (not at the very beginning)

Black Beauty!! Oh My Gosh!! it got huge!! and it's only a second year!! :eek::eek:
didn't think I was gonna get it dug up (yes that is all from one tuba originally)

then there's the 3 baby 'quirrels I've been babysitting since yesterday afternoon
probably put them back up there 8 times last night (with a board)
haven't seen one adult anywheres in 2 days

and a silly daffy'o'dilly just cuz

Had other stuff I wanted to do but kinda pooped out early
but there is always tommorrow (I'll work in the rain if it ain't to hard) ;)


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I really like the Iris "run" Wolfie..gave me ideas, thanks ;)

Hope the baby squirrels momma comes back soon!
Do the babies have their eyes open yet? If you don't see a mom I worry about dehydration. They look really close to being on their own but you might want to keep a real close check on them. I had a tree surgeon friend who always brought me babies to rehab. I actually kept one for 12 years. They do not make good pets though because as they become sexually mature they become very mean.
Tracey, about the tree at first glance I thought it was a Giant tarantula but with a closer look it is a nest of baby squirrels. Wolfie posted this back in April so I'm sure that the little ones are grown by now.
alas they died about three days later..haven't really seen to many squirrels this year but boy the groundhogs are running rampent:rolleyes: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to