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The Robin has officially flown the coup! He headed East today! Please let me know when he lands on your doorstep! I hope he makes it safe: he was getting fat from just sitting around here.
Ok ladies here is the route the robin is on. If you have any conflicts PLEASE let me know and we can try to reroute or ??

1. Sandi B
2. Smelly Melly
3. lisa831
4. Gloria
5. Treva
6. Dorothy
7. Kya
8. Mare460
9. Back home to Indiana

Please post when you receive and I will send an address to you.
Take care all and I'm SOOOO EXCITED! Hope you all receive many new and fun things to grow.
Yay....just saw this....I am next!!! I am so excited!!! Will be happily checking the mail now :D
Oops just in case some of you may not now...This is Melly...Bob (bless his heart!!) removed the smelly!!
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LOL..Bob should have made it Melissa~ AKA~ Smelly.
OK, I'm making this thread a sticky so it won't be lost down the line of threads..
Ok Melissa...ROBIN is heading to your Ohio..from my Ohio :)

I took flower seeds..T-Bear yarrow..hummingbird mix and a amish flower mix.
Sent out garden veg seeds..leaf lettuce, burpless cucumber, delicata squash, dark green zuch, carrots, radishes..many more edibles ;) & herb seeds...and of course flower seeds.

I PM'd Becki w/confirmation number.
Seed Shower!!! The eagle has landed!!! Heading over to my 90 yr old gardening friend's house in a bit. She is going to get such a kick from this...good thing I have collected a ton of seed because she is going to want them all...Share Jane Share!! I hope to have it back on its jouney tomorrow!!
Oh my goodness...Jane and I had a wonderful time going through the seeds. We took out 7 packs of flower seeds and a packet of squash seed. I have so far put in five packs...had to wait to come home because everytime I tried to put something in, Jane decided that she wanted it...LOL!! Anyway I plan on adding about 15 or so packs more before I send it on its way. Thank you so much for doing was Jane's first round robin and she really had a great time with it!! Its coming to you next Lisa...Enjoy!!
I pm'd melissa so the robin can get back in the air. I was soo excited about the bird flying and making his rounds that I kinda forgot to send her the next one. WHOOPS!

Okay ladies 2 stops down and on to the next destination -- YAY!
I will be hitting the PO tomorrow on my lunch here it comes Lisa!! The envie is busting at the seams so hopefully you will find lots to make you happy!! Enjoy!! Thanks again Becki for doing this!!
The robin landed today,daughter looking thur it and say mom I just have to have some of the sunflower seeds, So will look thur them this weekend and mail Tuesday.
Mail the robin today, it heading out to Gloria,lot of great seeds in the bag,I got a big envelope for it.
Wooohooo..the robin has landed. I took 10 pks out..Coneflower, blackberry lily, pumpkin, cucumber, parsley, spinach, forget-me not, bell pepper, pan patty squash, obedient seeds
and putting in...
Heavenly blue MG, multi-head sunflower, okra, poppy, 2 rose of sharon, 2 Cosmos, red texas star hibiscus, ornamental black pearl pepper, foxglove, 3 stella d'ora daylily, marigolds, easter egg plant, red daylily, cornflower, yucca, moon flower vine, japanese Mg., Cannas, 4 o'clocks, lantana, clematis, datura, and butter peas.

I'll be sending it out to Dor tomarrow. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to