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I don't care what the hubbies say you can NEVER have too many plants. Of course don't ask me that when I am watering..... LOL Treva - Are then any starts or seeds that you need to replace what you lost? Anything special? If I have it - it's yours.
If you list all the goodies that you stuffed the robin with then I will probably have gardening dreams...starring a little bird.... HeeHee
Take care all


Ok here is the list you asked for it! LOL!!!

I took out... campanula, allium, day lilly, Gaillardia goblin, blk cherry tomatoe, bee balm, african iris, zinnia purity, MG, fanfare, fire poppy, shasta daisy, zinnia andy cane, burgundy gaillardia, passiflora, aster hulk, seashell cosmo, pink coneflower, brachycome, dianthus baby doll.

I put in...
kiwi, war. canna, cranberry bean, dogwood, garlic chives, beets, black valentine bean, love in a mist, gaillardia, mimosa, partridge pea, purple coneflower, yellow/red coriopis, decorative grass, marigold beauty, sweet basil, spider plant, french marigold, malva zabrina, mississippi wildflower mix, loquat, red crepe mrytle, lg pink hibiscus.

SWEET DREAMS MY FRIEND!!!! hahhahahhaahaaa!

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Psst WAKE UP Becki.

Yeah Treva I caught the robin.
What great seeds.
I will go thru them and add mine and when I get an addy they will head out again.


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I'm awake! Just daydreamin' about the little birdie now. lol I'll pm you the next address. I'm glad he made it to ya. Have fun going through all the goodies. Robin is headed to Montana next WOOHOO! Take care
well the dell bit the dust. My dh got the sony working thank goodness. I thought I was going to have to get my daughter to check this every


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I am wide awake and TOTALLY anxiously awaiting the little bird to come back home! I hope you ALL had a great time with this. I will post after it makes it home for anyone that wants on the round trip list and then we'll send him on it's way again. Take care all! Sweet dreams!
Oh ok. I got home and posted that my Dell broke and then we went again. lol. My DH wants to get alot of fishing in before all the hatches are done. He's already itching to go again. He wants to go back to the Madison River because he had no luck on the Big Hole.

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Mare I am so sorry I had to make an emergency run to town today so the Robin in sealed and ready to fly
1st thing in the AM.
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YAY! I hope it gets here Sat. We have to work next week and I don't want to wait until we get home to get the We've hardly had any work and now 2 jobs in one week.
Woohoo! The robin arrived here today. I took sweet williams, bachelor buttons, foxglove, red hollyhock, gaillardia burgundy, black krim tomato, little finger carrot, red salvia, choc. cherry tomato, white and blue morning glories, flat leaf parsley, rosie o'day alyssum, leaf lettuce, black oil sunflower and zucchini.
I put in marigolds, golden yarrow, blanket flower granada, mimosa tree(given to me, won't grow here), Blanket flower, cosmos, blanket flower yellow sun, purple coneflower, coreopsis moonbeam and baby sun, Poppy lavender dbl. pink, purple lupine, evening primrose, shasta daisy "aglaya", black-eyed susans, and blue delphinium (I'm just sure it is not the one on the The tag said 14" and it was already 3' when I planted it)
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Great stuff in there huh?
I'm glad it got there
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