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I finally have some color to share!!
Allium and Azaleas. Can anybody find the bee? Hello Mr Bee, Happy Spring!!


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Bearded Tongue, Geranium, Jacob's Ladder, and Lunaria


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Just beautiful Smelly!!! Thanks for sharing your pics. Ya know..I haven't seen the bees in my gardens as I did in past years. Last year I thought..there's no way, bees are too plentiful to be worried about them becoming scarce. Now... I'm worried!
Super pics Mel, everything is beautiful
On the plant pic you wanted ID on if we could enlarge it it might be easier to ID.

Columbine, columbine, and more columbine


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Maybe all your bees relocated to Ohio...I have already been stung twice. We have a new bee this burroughs underground and it can sting repeatedly...he sent me to the hospital. Its almost all dark...not a pretty like a bumblebee...and also not at all can have all of those you want...they fly really fast also.

Kya, will go back and post from photobucket so it will be BIG...Thanks!!
more columbine

Are you sick of Columbine yet...can you tell that next to roses...its my favorite!! Check out the pretty purple leaves on the second one.


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Bearded and Dutch. See any you don't already have, Gloria? I also have a white bearded that hasn't yet bloomed.


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A few more

So far only two Peonies have bloomed, but the others have lots of buds. And the pretty Painted cheery!!


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Knowing your love for Iris...I am sure you do...I am sure I will have something you want for trade...other than bees lol!!
No, no, Mel..I want bees!!! LOL

Well, I don't have Columbine...hmmm, do I feel a trade coming on??
Very nice flowers, thanks for sharing with us
My columbines are just starting to open, can't wait to see what colors i have.
I lost my blue, white and yellow ones. I ws'd some last winter so hoping they will bloom this yr so I can see what color they are. Are yours all from ws'ing too?
Yes, Laurie...most of mine are from wsing last year. They don't bloom the first year or at least mine didn't. I experimented this year and planted the columbine seed in garden center containers in a big clear rubbermaid container...well...none of them germinated and so I wasted all that columbine seed. Boo hoo!! I did also plant some in water bottles and they have sprouted so I will have at least 6 new columbine to enjoy next year.
Gloria, I have a couple columbine that is big enough to divide...or if you wait until this fall...I will just send you the seed...its a wonderful seed to wintersow. LMK
Oh I love all your blossoms but I'm partial to columbines. I got some seed in a trade and winter sowed them. I can hadely wait for them to bloom.
Smelly your blooms are beautiful. I to love columbine, you have so many. I only wish they would bloom longer.
Just beautiful Smelly!!! Thanks for sharing your pics. Ya know..I haven't seen the bees in my gardens as I did in past years. Last year I thought..there's no way, bees are too plentiful to be worried about them becoming scarce. Now... I'm worried!

There is cause to worry about the decline in bees Gloria. I had heard last year that they were at a premium and then I heard rumours as to why - one was b/c of all the cell phone signals shooting through the air from the towers, etc...and that was killing them. DOn't know if that is the real cause or if there is something else, but it is something to think about. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to