I need help with my squash and cucumbers

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My gardening friends my cucumbers and squash all have and had prior blooms but I don't have any little ones yet. What am I doing wrong? This is my first time having any luck with them so I am at a loss.
they sometimes have male blooms well in advance of female blooms. look and see if you are having any female blooms yet. they are the ones with the little fruit behind the blooms. if not just wait a bit longer.
Need female and male flowers blooming at the same time in order to have fruit.
When you do notice the two use a Q-Tip to transfer the pollen from the male to the female. This technique works well with large flowering vines like squash. It can be tedious with cucs since the flowers are small. With the cucs, leave them for the bees!
Thank you both Lyn and Ron. I will look for both male and female blooms.
Dor has it been extraordinarily wet? How many days since you planted the squash seeds? It takes 50 to 60 days for summer squash to mature.
Dor, it can be frustrating ...can't it....i am always waiting on them to get going...once you have the two together...well... it is like rabbits...;)
No we haven't had any wet days Dale just lots of hot days. I can't remember when I planted them but it was in April for the Lemon cucumbers and the first of May for the zuccihini. Yellow squash I didn't write it down. Yes very frustrating Flower. I want to taste a fresh squash from my garden. I am about to get my third and fourth tomato soon. They sure would go good with a fresh cucumber.

I know I am off topic but I sprayed my okra last Friday with some homemade insectisidal soap but something sure likes the leaves.
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I am having trouble with some of mine. I am getting some squash all right but some of them seem to wither before they mature. After they get about half way grown the end with the female flower starts to wither and turn yellow and then I get it off of the vine. The thing that stumps me is that I get good mature squash off of the same plant.
We have had some nice warm days and I have stuff popping up all over the place. The corn is showing, the beans are popping up and the pumpkins for Scarez are coming up.
Dor on okra I wouldn't worry about the leaves. I crop a lot of my okra leaves off anyway so the plant gets more sun to hurry up and produce.
Great, thanks Dale. I will take some pictures later ok today so that you all can let me know if I need to think my bush beans and my purple hull peas. They are rather thick but I don't want to throw away anythiny I or anyone has grown.

I need to build another raised bed or two if I have to think them. I need another one for my pumpkins and sugarbaby watermelons anyway. One of my mushmelon is blooming.

Some years ago I planted cucumbers and squash too close together in containers and they crossed I don't know what I ended up with. I didn't eat them.lol
Dor if the beans and peas are real thick they will still produce but will beed more water and if you are using more fertilizer will need more of that as well.
I've never thinned my beans and peas, they will still produce, make sure to water them well like Dale said
My husband likes to thin them but I hate to sacrifice the plants so I usually keep them and water more.
Great. Thanks Lauri and Dale, I sure didn't want to thin them. I bought some Plant tone and I have been working the soil around them. It is time to all some fertilizer to my last two beds. They are already good and healthy. They should really take off.

I have a fertilizer I was given by my friend Titus

1/2 cup dish washing liquid
1/2 cup ammonia
1 12oz can of beer
1 cup lawn food. I am going to use organic plant food
2 tbls karo syrup
Ok, I got some good news. I have some cucumbers on my Hybrid burpless cucumbers. I have two babies. YEAH
Thank you KyaD. I counted over 35 tomatoes. I lost count when I got to 40 and I started doing something else so I just said over 35. I am still watching my lemon cucumbers and zuchinnis.
Congratulations Dor!! The first fruits of our labor are always special.

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