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this is my granddaughter who is doing a garden for the headstart program in her town for her silver award for girl scouts. she may need some help friends.
Will be glad to help in any way I can. Please let me know how I can help.
I am going to make a pizza garden at an early childhood development for girlscouts. I am doing two pizzas,each pizza has eight slots in it.I need to put in fast growing vegetables,herbs,and flowers.It would be good if they attract butterflys,grow quick,and repel bees.any suggestions.Oh yeah,I am becca a.k.a lynpenny's granddaughter.
Maybe lettuce, spinach, radishes, and maybe for fun some herbs so they can smell and taste.
Welcome Becca
Have heard some nice things about you from your grandma. She's a really nice person and glad to call her my friend.
What zone are you in? I know this does not fit in your pizza garden but you could make a tepee and grow some string beans on it for the kids to munch on. Also some cherry tomatoes
Thanks for helping becca see I told you so. everyone here is so nice and helpful. She lives in Oklahoma. I'm thinking it is zone 7. It is close to Oklahoma City.
Becca has been helping me with my garden since she was 2 or 3. It is time she does one of her own. go becca
Miss Becca, I was born in a small town south of OK City a little over 75 years ago. Since the interstate goes through Love County now, it's awfully easy to get by Thackerville without ever knowing it is there. Both sets of my grandparents had farms in Love County back in the early 1900's. My Dad would tell us of the huge watermelons they would grow down there and ship by train to the markets in the big cities.

Welcome to the forum and I hope you stay around after your project is over. I am really anxious to find out if you are successful growing pizzas. If I could do that here, my grandchildren would love me forever. LOL BTW, I am just teasing. I figured out what you meant.
Welcome to this gardern forum, Becca. I see that you have a lot of help. The suggestions that you have gotten are great. I hope that you have a lot of fun with your garden.
Becca sounds like you are on your way to becoming a successful gardener!!! Tell me why you want to repel bees and not attract bees for pollinating all your flowers and vegetables? Let me know if I can help you in any way.
Hi Becca,
Welcome! What a great project you have going there.Kya has given you great info. The rest of us are standing by to help, but then you can't go wrong with a grandma like Lyn. You just let us know if you need extra help or advice. Keep us posted , add pictures and let us know of your success.
Welcome Becca! Your pizza garden sounds like a great idea! Be sure and post some pictures of it for us to see.
Welcome Becca glad to have you here.There's lot's of good people with great ideas here.And their alway's helpful if you need something just ask.:)
Welcome Becca and good luck with your pizza garden.......if you can figure out how to grow the mozzarella cheese I would be interested in that.....tee hee.....only kidding....dont forget the oregano......
Welcome Becca;
If you have the space grow a tunnel of pole beans and other vines. Kids love to go thru or under things. You can use those cheap arbors that they sell for weddings. Good luck.
This is all very good information. I am not sure why I want to repel bees.Actually when I was talking with the lady in charge of the center she said plant things that attract butterflys and repel bees. Now I realize they are important for pollination purposes.This weekend I am going to buy the seeds for the garden.I am for sure doing carrots and radishes.I do not think there will be room in the pizza gardens for a tepee ,so I will probably try to grow a garden at home and put them there.
Becca can you grow enough beans for your family? I've been thinking I will see if I can get a strawberry jar done for you. Maybe I'll just bring the jar and plants there and plant it after I get there.
Here is a picture of the container I made for your mom.


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